Dip in Procurement and Contracting Local Government – Contract Stream – Final Activity 3 – Contract Scenarios – Scenario 1 – LGP


Before the contract can be signed you need to conduct a negotiation with the vendor to agree on the following issues:


(Where a particular brand of Goods is specified in the Contract, no other brand shall be supplied unless otherwise approved in writing by the Principal.)

  • Contractor wants this clause removed as it can be hard to get particular brands at times due to your remote location and this could stop them from complying with the contract without a lot of red tape
  • Section 23. PAYMENT

(Currently set to 30 days from receipt of correctly rendered invoice)

  • Contractor wants this changed to 14 days as they are a small business and can’t afford to carry the debt for 30 days

Use the Meeting agenda template (Final Activity Handout 3) below to create your negotiations agenda.


Scenario 1

The sample Tree Removal and Pruning contract has been signed and you are working with the contractor to develop a program to address and prioritise jobs to be completed.   A colleague has just informed you that there may be some issues with a local environmental group who are planning protests against the removal of a number of very large trees, which have been classified as high priority removals. The editor of the local paper says he has information that the group intends to chain themselves to the trees in question. Further the group is inferring that the contractors where appointed because the owner of the company is a friend of one of the councillors, so they intend to make a formal complaint.

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